Brake rotor quality vs. price


What are peoples recent experiences with the lower cost brake rotors? Most auto parts stores have a lower cost rotor made off shore and a higher cost rotor usually a brand name like Bendix or Raybestos. Or they offer a “good” and a more expensive “Better” house brand. Often there is a $20 or more difference each.

About 10 years ago I know of horror stories with people using the cheaper rotors and back then I have had some bad expereinces myself with warping after ~10k miles. But I have not heard of any problems in the past few years. Anecdotally it appers they are doing a better job off shore manufacturing rotors.

The counter guy at my local parts store recently told me the quality is very similar and he mostly sells the cheaper rotors with very few problems. I am not sure if he realy knows this or is just trying to be a good salesman knowing cheaper rotors will not last as long and your are back buying brake parts sooner than latter.

What are peoples recent experieces with the inexpensive rotors?. How many miles have you gone between brake jobs? Does anyone know if it worth paying up for the brand name or “better” rotor today?


I use and recommend Bendix rotors. The problems with warped rotors just have not happened with the better quality ones.


I’ve used everything in the book and have had no problems with any of them.
When I sold my old .87 Mercury about 2 years ago it had a set of the cheapest AutoZone rotors that could be had on it and those rotors had close to 200k on them.
One of my sons has a set of cheap rotors I put on his car about 6 years ago and has done nothing since except replace the pads once; and most of his driving now is some serious stop and go. No problems at all.
My current Lincoln Mark has 215k on the original rotors right now and when time comes?? the Mark will probably get a set of the same, inexpensive rotors I’ve used on other family cars. No worries from me anyway.

JMHO anyway.


When you replaced the pads on your son’s car did you turn the rotors?


i usually replace the rotors (NOT TURN THEM) every other setr of shoes, pads


Had good luck on an 87 Tempo and an 85 Toyota pickup.


Just make sure you don’t buy Checker brake parts! hahahahaha

sigh sorry, that was funny to me…

If anyone has a problem with this post, don’t bother with logic and reason…you just call my mechanic who has 50+ years experience working on cars…he’ll explain everything to you. and prove that I’M RIGHT.


I did not replace the pads myself. I only provided guidance and let him do it himself. He chose to skip rotor machining or replacement and take a chance. He has a very slight shudder when braking hard at speed but in normal driving, no problem.



Your message is too criptic. Joke or only part joke?

Can you briefly sumerise what your mechanic would explain?


I figured not everyone would get it. See this thread to understand my joke:


Unless you are abusing your brakes (racing), you should have no problems with the aftermarket parts. I don’t think that the parts store would steer you wrong. They want your business and would probably sell you the rotors either way.