Rock auto parts

what do you guys and girls think about brakes and rotors from rock auto good are bad.

Since Rock Auto does not make parts just choose a brand you like . Why not support your local parts house and if some thing is wrong you don’t have to mess with return shipping.


I’ve bought both pads and rotors from rock auto about 10 years ago. The price was good, shipping was prompt, and the parts were good quality.

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Last year I ordered a kit with pads and rotors for all four corners and have been very satisfied.

Just yesterday I went to replace an AC Delco belt pulley and found out that the new pulley wasn’t correct. It looked the same for all intents and purposes until I put on the re-used metal shields that were on the old pulley, at which point I found out that the plastic ribs were too wide to clear the shield.

So basically, your mileage may vary.

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I have bought them from Rock but only because I can select the OEM GM parts that are the same as what came with my car. I have bought NAPA many times in the past but I’m to the point now where I just want OEM period.

I have bought thousands of dollars worth of parts from Rock Auto, and only been disappointed one time: a radiator that arrived slightly bent, from shipping damage. I would not hesitate to buy any parts from Rock Auto, except of course for a radiator because they don’t pack them well–they just slap a shipping label on the OEM’s box, which isn’t really made to stand up to the rigors of UPS/FedEx shipping. Everything else I have bought from Rock Auto has been well-packed and arrived in good condition.

Sure you could buy parts at your local AutoZone/O’Reilly’s/Pep Boys but why? You will spend anywhere from 50% more to twice as much, often for inferior parts. Literally, the ONLY thing I would buy at these places is a new radiator, and even then I’d buy the hoses online, and the coolant at Wal-Mart or at Ace Hardware when it’s on sale.

I’ve bought parts from Rock before but by the time I wait for the parts and pay for shipping I find the savings and convenience to be minimal.

Also the interaction is poor. My local supplier will sponsor my son’s baseball team. Rock Auto won’t donate anything. There’s more reason than money to do business locally.

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For stuff like plugs and such they are great and a lot cheaper than the local parts store . When I did iridium plugs on the car the dealer wanted like $12 per plug , on rock auto the same exact plug was less than $5 .

I buy from my local auto parts store because I don’t want to pay shipping cost.He only sells quality parts.Vipergg is correct when he says that irridium spark plugs sold by Rockauto are much cheaper

Are you claiming that Rockauto’s parts are counterfeit?

I buy local. That way if there’s a problem it can be resolved without resorting to a dog and pony return show.

The parts all come out of the same fishnet IMO. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

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I have bought two pad three months ago and they are working fine. In my thoughts, we can also consult a local seller rather than go for a branded one. Because the price was good, shipping was prompt, and the parts were of good quality.