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Stopping annoyance

I had trouble explaining it to my trusted mechanics, so I’ll try here. 2003 trailblazer. When I come to a stop it slows fine until a point very slow 2mph? where it feels like the transmission disengages. Transmission ujoints etc checked out fine and mechanic said there are no adjustments that can be made, does a tad bit of a nose dive at stop. I was told all is good but I like a nice smooth stop, thanks for any suggestions.

It must be just downshifting into first gear, just before it stops. If so it’s normal, too bad it feels a little rough, tho.

Even though brake pads have enough pad material to still be considered “good” they still may not provide the smooth stop you want.

Consider a brake job (new pads and rotors)

Had the brakes done (pads and rotors) about 10k miles ago, the first set made it to 94k. I’ll can stop by just have a checkup, local shop great guy with a 2 year warranty.

After some testing it stops fine in neutral and does seem to be a downshifting thing as I think I see a slight jump in the tachometer that correlates to the symptom. Had the trans fluid 1/2 change type of service done when it started last year. Any ideas on if any adjustments services or additives could be helpful. It is really tight and wonderful in all other regards, 102k miles.