Brakes on a 2001 chevy z-71

My rear brakes wore out at 75,000 miles and my front brakes still looked new. Why would my rear wear out faster than the front? And since I replaced the pads on the rear, my truck doesn’t seem to have to same stopping power as before. What, if anything, could be the problem?

You replaced the pads in the rear, but what did you do about the rotors?


they were good, they didn’t have any damage. Should they have been turned anyway?

Believe it or not, the brake bias in your vehicle is at rear brakes. That’s why they wore down faster. So you have to treat the rear brakes as you would with a vehicle who’s brake bias is at the front. Because they do the major part of stopping the vehicle.

I’d start all over. Get new pads and replace the rear rotors. And you’ll be surprized on how quickly the vehicle stops.


On most modern vehicles it is a good plan to replace the rotors when you replace pads. Modern rotors are designed light and often do not do well after the first set of pads. The cost of new rotors is not much different than machining the old ones to get them ready for a second life.

While some rear bias may be possible (sounds like a BAD idea, especially on a pickup that’s unloaded), the fronts should NOT look new after 75K. Did you check the front calipers to see if they are sticking?

no i didn’t and i actually didn’t think about it. Now that you mention it, i will go and check. Like I said earlier, I just dont’ have the stopping power like I should have. I will replace the rotors on the rear and check the front for sticking calipers. Thanks for all the info.