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Power steering won’t engage in 2014 Buick LaCrosse

Filled gas tank restarted engine, power steering will not Engadget, wheels will turn

Check the power steering fluid level. Are there any warning lights on?

elec boost power steering. not hydraulic

RockAuto lists both electric racks and hydraulic steering racks for this year and model. That is why I asked if any warning lights are on since the OP didn’t tell anything about the car except the year and model. I was hoping for a “service steering system” message or light so we’d know which it was. Or the OP would check for the power steering fluid level and discover there isn’t one and post back.

There’s several tsb’s for the power steering, including some customer interest bulletins. One of them mentions checking a 100 amp f3ub fuse, and verifying ground connection g111. Followed by fully charging the battery, then re-programming the power steering control module with the most recent calibrations.