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2013 Buick Verano - Power Steering Warning Light

My car just stopped accelerating at 20 miles, I thought I bumped it into neutral but I didn’t I checked the parking break (the car was still running) I pulled over turned it off and back on and it displayed service power steering. All of my fluids were checked May 24, it also has gas. I tried unhooking the battery and hooked it up 10 minutes later. Also tried jumping off the car and nothing happened. I have no tools to take the engine cover off to check the power steering fluid. The steering is also fine. The dashboard lights up, the air still runs and the radio also

The battery is dead, either because the battery failed or because of a charging system failure. The power steering warning will be displayed if the battery voltage is critically low, the power steering is electric, no fluid.

Take the battery to be tested or have the vehicle towed to a repair shop.

Thank you!