2006 Buick Lacrosse POWER STEERING ISSUE?

I’ve owned this car since 41,000 miles… seems to me its just continually gotten worse since… mainly the power steering has seemed to go to crud… does anyone else own a lacrosse and have had this problem? seems to me many people have complained openly about the buick lacrosses having faulty power steering and alot of the issues seemt o have something to do with the “intermediate shaft”… is the intermediate shaft just another fancy term for the “tie rods” by the way??

I just had my m echanic change out the poer steering pump, and yet my steering wheel is still hard as heck and feels like the binding doesnt turn at all so to say…would a serpetine belt also create this kind of steering issue?

I’m at 90,000 miles now btw… so i know its due in for one of those “heallcaious maintence schedules”…any advice on this power steering problem and what it may be?

also, i dont know if this has anything to do with this, but seems to me whenever i start up the car and i make my first “turn” [simplyput, when i first move my car left/right, make a slight turn out the driveway, parking lot etc] I always hear what sounds like a “WOOSH” noise…seems related…any advice/suggestions? buick owners? thank you for your help folks! good day mates!

First, Have You Checked The Power Steering Fluid Level And Added Any GM Approved Power Steering Fluid As Necessary, According To The Buick’s Owner’s Manual ?

Also, an intermediate steering shaft is not the same as tie rods. Tie rods connect the power steering rack to the road wheels, basically.

The intermediate shaft connects the steering wheel to the steering rack. A bad intermediate shaft (it has 2 universal joints) can make the steering stiff, but usually causing the steering to bind a little and then release, intermittently as the steering wheel is turned. It often gives a “pop” feel through the steering wheel while it’s releasing.