Power steering pump noise after timing belt change on MDX

hi. I had a timing belt replaced on my wife’s acura MDX. The next day the car started making noise especially when not comlpetely warmed up. The dealer (who changed the timing belt) told me that my power steering pump needs to be replaced.

Is it possible that the power steering pump issue is caused by something done while the timing belt is replaced.


Change the power steering pump fluid. The noise MIGHT go away. No guarantee.
Fault, if any, can’t be proved. Things happen, and happen co-incidentally.

I had the exact same problem this week. Timing belt and water pump changeout resulted in a horrendous power steering pump noise. The mechanic said it was just coincidence. Replacing the pump did the trick, but it sounds like there may be more to this. Mine is a 2001 MDX. Any ideas?