2001 mdx w/296k miles

My mechanic tells me it’s time for a new timing belt. I had it replaced at 92k and at 187k. The cost will be about $1100. I want to keep the car for one more year. Should I have it done, and is $1100 a reasonable price for the job?

Acura’s usually have interference engines, so when the belt goes you will need major repairs. If the engine is not interference you will only have to deal with the car braking down on you-hopefully not when you are passing over train tracks…
Now get couple of quotes on the price, I know on smaller cars it could be about half of that and I am not sure if yours has a higher price because of more work or just the brand. In either case it is 3-4 car payments, so if you think the car is in a shape that will go for 6 months then you are ahead.

Yes, if you want to keep the car it’s time for another timing belt.

Your other option is to gamble for a year and hope the belt doesn’t brake. But if the belt breaks the engine will be damaged and the vehicle will be junk.

How lucky are you?

that $1100 is only sales tax of new one,i recall i paid 1600 tax on my 06 aaccord when i bought it new,maybe shop around for more estimate but be sure quality work,
my friend spent 2800 after t-belt,pump replaced and after a day they said they need
rebuilt transmissions just wonder if belt put on wrong.they paid the bills.

Thanks for responding. Been told that if the timing belt goes breaks, the engine is toast. Time to get it done.

Thanks for your response. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the gamble. Got it get it done

Thanks for responding. Time to get it done.

Is $1100 for the timing belt replacement only, or does it include the water pump, too? Usually the water pump is replaced since it has to come off anyway. You could save the parts cost for the water pump by not replacing it. The part should cost only $50 to $100, though. I’d replace the water pump, too, since it’s at most 10% of the cost. If it fails in the next year, you’ll have a bigger bill for replacement.

These timing belt replacements have become Bread & Butter work for repair shops. Get three bids before you drop $1100…Ask the counterman at the local NAPA store if he knows a Honda specialist who works out of his garage. Support the underground economy and save some money…