MDX Timing belt

I recently had my 2002 Acura MDX timing belt replaced and now there is a rattle when I accelerate also an uneven idle

any ideas on what is causing this ?

and is there possible damage to the motor?

It all depends on what is rattling.  Since we can't hear it and we don't know what part of the engine it is coming from, the best you get is a guess.  My guess is some metal or plastic cover did not get tightened down properly when it was put back on.  

 Why don't you take it back in and have them find and correct the rattle?

Thanks, I will take it back in but I can tell you now that the rattle also comes
with a loss of power when taking off or climbing a hill. It sounds like a car does
when you get cheap or bad gas, But the MDX requires 93 octane and that’s what I always use. The sound seems to be inside the motor. I was thinking the timing may be off a bit ???

It’s NOT the timing belt that’s rattling…Probably something they had to remove. There’s a lot that has to be removed just to get to the belt.

It does not matter what is causing this. Take it back sooner rather than latter. It may be completely unrelated but the likely case is related.