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Power steering loss Acura MDX

Hi, I have a 2005 Acura MDX with 150k miles on it. I was near home today when I heard a sound like gravel hitting the side of the car or something. I experienced power steering loss and continued driving the car to get to a parking spot that I could leave the car in overnight. I stopped and found this black frayed oily wire dragging on the ground from underneath the front part of the car. When I turned the car back on, there was a noise another similar noise to before, not as loud. I drove the car home because I was less than a mile away. As I did, I smelled some burning.
Can someone tell me what this is? Thanks for help. BTW I drove the car about 20 miles today in an urban environment in thickish (flooded) water, idk if that could have to do with anything.

I think you should see a mechanic.

I don’t know where to start, even with the picture. That doesn’t look like a frayed wire to me, but even if it did, I’d have no idea where it came from. I thought it might be the power steering belt at first, but now I don’t think it is.

You seem to have a lot wrong, something complicated by the sound of it. I wouldn’t drive the car anymore, because if you’re smelling something burning, you’re probably doing more damage.

Have the car towed to a full service mechanic.

Looks like the drive belt for the power steering to me, but I’m not sure. Do you know anyone that’s decent with cars? It’d take a minute to confirm it’s the belt, and get it out of there (that MAY be what making the burning smell). But only someone looking at it can tell for sure. If you don’t have somebody (or AAA), then get it towed to a mechanic.

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Definitely looks like a v belt

crankshaft, belt and pump all broke. I got them fixed for around 1k.

I don’t think you got a broken crankshaft repaired for anywhere near $1,000. Did you mean crankshaft pulley?