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Power steering pump leak?

I went to Firestone to change oil. And they mistaken my car which is V6- for V4 and put on wrong size filter. After that, I have oil leak overall. Wen back and they correct the mistaken and replace the right-sized oil filter.

Could that hurt my car? because few weeks later, i found oil leak again. Had it checked and found it is the power steering pump. Does the two event have any relations?

It could hurt your car if too much oil leaked out the first time. They should have checked for leaks before they gave the car back after the oil change.

Not sure of the layout of your car, but my p/s pump is near the driver side headlight and oil filter on the side of the engine block facing the cabin.

They can’t be related on my car at least.

How many miles on your power steering pump?
Is your p/s fluid low?

As long as the threads on the two filters were the same and the length of the threaded base similar you should be fine. Chances are that simply the O ring size and th physical size of the filter were different. If you’d like to confirm that, simply stop by Walmart, look up the respective filters, and compare.

The good news is that the low oil pressure warning light appaperntly never came on…did it?

The power steering pump leak is entirely unrelated.