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Is my car leaking Power Steering Fluid?

My cousin is a mechanic and he opened the whole engine last year to fix and replace some parts. However, I notice that the steering fluid level has slowly decreased since then and I need to top it up. Any suggestion? The hose connects the tank to the engine looks damp all the time

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a wet stain next to p/s pump and pump is loosing fluid. i vote for a leaky p/s pump. Or hose

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OK , why is he not looking at this problem ? Any decent mechanic can tell if a hose is leaking.

There is an O-ring where the high pressure line meets the PS pump… held on by (2) 10mm bolts. It was more than likely disconnected during the engine work you had done prior… So replace that O-ring as not many replace it each time they disconnect it. Then clean off the pump and hoses with some de-greaser and water… This will help you ID the leak afterward…IF there is still a leak.

If the actual PS pump is not leaking from its input shaft or the pressure regulator nut (large nut on bottom of pump) then it would be that fitting with the O-ring and would be the very first thing to try. The “wet” hose is the return line and is not a pressurized line like the other one with the O-ring and fitting, its just a return to the reservoir.

I would replace that O-ring first…then clean it all off and monitor… Will probably be that simple. Its a common item to replace because of this exact issue.


I must complement you on the appearance of the engine compartment. Pristine! Like a new car. Or maybe it is a new car, don’t know. The power steering pump produces really high pressure so it wouldn’t be that unusual for something to spring a leak. My Corolla has a small leak where the power steering hose attaches to the rack. The hose flexes with turning the steering wheel and over time it will develop cracks and leak right at the connector. It’s the rubber part that is leaking though, not a problem with the connector itself. This has been going on for 20 years or more, maybe leaks 4 ounces in 2 years, so I just top it off. The alternative is to replace the hose.

Year, make, and model, please.

It could be a simple hose leak, a leaking reservoir, a leaky pump, or a leaky rack.

The engine compartment looks like my 2006 Accord. Did you take it in for a power steering hose recall?

Good luck!

Thank you for your advice. Since the leak is slow, I’m waiting for it to happen again after washing that area.

It’s 2009 Accord sedan v6, the engine looks like similar to the previous generation. I only take the car to the family shop when it has serious issue as it takes a long time to wait (but a lot cheaper to fix). I’d rather take care of small tasks by myself