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1994 Toyota Pickup Power Steering


I have inherited my Grandfather's beloved 1994 Toyota Pickup V6 5 spd manual. It is in fair working order with a few exceptions. My question involves the power steering pump. It has a slow leak in it. My grandpa stopped driving it back in December when his cancer went malignant. So I cranked it up for the first time since he had the other day. And Like a dumbutt I forgot to check the power steering fluid. I checked everything else though. The pump was bone dry with no fluid in it and of course I had no power steering. My question is, Does that do any damage to the pump if it has no fluid in it?

Thank You


Damage to the pump can occur if it's operated without power steering fluid for an extended period of time. But you probably shut the engine off as soon as you realized there was no power steering?


Of course! I shut it down and filled it up. Works fine now. Thank You!

Thean it’s fine. If there were damage to the seals it’d be hemmoraging fluid and of there were damage to the compressor bearings it’d be screaming out in pain.

Of course you still have the original leak…