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Power steering pressure switch

I’m trying to find the power steering pressure switch for a 2002 PT Cruiser. I have been under the car and located a pump on the passenger side with a two prong connector. The connector looks to be in good shape. I thought the switch was replaceable but there was nothing to screw out only two prongs going in. Am I looking at the wrong part and if so where is the power steering pump?

Do you have the replacement part? It should have a threaded end and a hex rim for your wrench. I’ve replaced one of them on a Dodge Neon which I assume is similar to the PT. Compare the replacement part with whatever you have located to verify you are looking in the right place.

I’m wondering is I’m looking at the correct pump. I was told th pump is aessable from under the car and the only pump I se is on the passenger side but it doesn’t have a switch that screws out, only a two prong connector.

The power steering pressure switch is mounted on the rack & pinion assembly.


What does the switch do? Light up a dashboard warning if the pressure drops to zero??