Power Steering Inquiry

I have a 2002 Ford Focus, it has been leaking Power Steering fluid i’ve pinpointed the leak to an attachment from the pump to the high pressure hose, it’s neither of these, it’s actually the small adapter that leads to a small electrical connection. The fluid flows into one end of this adapter and two small wire’s are on the other, there are no leaks any where else but this fitting and when I remove the wires there is a consistant drip dripping. I have not yet been able to find out what this piece is called or where i can find or order it… Is there any kind of book or website that can help me locate parts like this?

May I suggest contacting the dealer for price and availability information.

It sounds like the part is a dealer item anyway. The dealer will have an exploded view and will be able to identify the part in question.

It’s the power steering pressure switch.

This is what sends a signal to the computer to bump the idle up when the power steering system imposes a load on the engine.


wow I just fixed my friends focus with the same problem I think I will look up fords web site for recall if there any. the electric plug is made into the power steering pump sorry. $100.00 will to the job for parts, you will need the special hose disconect tool. any place sells it