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Power steering leak

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. It has a leak in the power steering system. Someone has suggested, before I get it fixed, to try something like Blue Devil or Bars Power Steering Leak fix. Is this worthwhile, or do I risk causing more problems?

Those products might slow down or stop a very minor leak. They probably won’t hurt anything. Do you know where the leak is?

I have had good results with the Lucas product, and have limped more than one car along with it. It won’t hurt anything. It will work well for minor seal leaks. It will sort of work for larger seal leaks. If it’s not a seal leak, then there’s probably nothing that will do any good. No one should be allowed to put “fix” on any of those bottles though. So keep that in mind.

I agree with the others . . . it MIGHT help

A flat o-ring might swell up and seal a little better

A torn o-ring will not improve

how long are you planning on keeping the car?