Leaking Fluid?

Probably a stupid question, however, I have had a lot of issues with this car the past year. Not sure where to even start… it appears to be leaking directly under the oil reservoir, and also near the right tire on the passenger side. Not leaking on the other side at all. The fluid appears to be very dark. Brake fluid is fine, coolant level is fine, power steering seems to have gone down as well as oil fluid. The air system in the car does not work. The fluid just looks to be pretty dark, and sometimes a burning smell after running again. Is it just an oil leak?

Pontiac grand am 2000 v6

Who knows? I would just run it by a mechanic. The taste, feel, smell, of oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, should be quite different and easy to identify. Once the fluid type is identified, it should be fairly easy to see the leak. Ten minutes maybe max on a lift.

The leak is probably coming from the power steering system.

The engine can use oil and not leak. But the power steering system is a closed loop system. So it shouldn’t lose fluid unless there’s a leak somewhere.