Leak in steering pressure line


So i can replace this, or I can try to stop the leak then replace it if that doesnt work. Does anyone have suggestions for a leak stopper? It is where the metal and the rubber hose come together and my power steering fluid is leaking faster and faster all the time! Maybe a hardening glue or gum that can withstand high heat? Or electrical tape?


Really, unless you need it to function so that you can drive to the parts store, you need to replace the hose. No amount of goo, stop leak, or tape is going to take care of a problem right there.


There are no “leak stoppers” for this. You need a new power steering hose. Nothing else will work. Replace the leaking hose.


well I know it needs to be replaced at one time or another, but i was hoping to wait a while. And its not like it would hurt to try stopping it. I have found the part I need online (cheapest is $110, or $160 at the dealers) and will also have to pay the mechanic to put it in. Not exactly cheap, so i know it is hoaky, but i need suggestions for the most effective way to seal the leak. I need it to last 3 more weeks before I can get it to my trusted mechanic.


Look at it this way: $300 total to have it changed now, or $300 to have it changed in a week plus $50 in fixes that won’t work and power steering fluid leaking on the ground. You just can’t repair the high side of a hydraulic system like that, it will fail immediately.


Power steering pumps generate 800-1500psi of pressure on most cars. If the leak is in the high pressure hose there really is no way to patch it due to the high pressure. If the leak is in the return line (low pressure) you may have a chance.


I agree, no homemade fix is going to stop this leak. I tried once. Even tried these super heavy duty hose clamps with solid bands and a mechanical linkage, and still it kept popping apart after awhile.

You might be able to go 3 weeks depending on how fast the leak is, and how much fluid you want to keep adding. I had one that would lose its fluid in the first mile after I filled it up. You could see a trail of it on the road. And if you drive it while the pump has gone dry, then you will likely burn up the pump, which will be more trouble and expense. Unless youve got a car with a separate belt for the power steering, and you remove the belt. Knowing the vehicle would really help.

Really, if you can get to it enough to dink with homemade fixes, you can probably get to it enough to just change it. If you cant afford a new one right now, you could get one from a junkyard for a small fraction of the price, that will probably last quite a while.


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There is no stop leak that can prevent the pressure line from leaking. NOTHING can stop it from leaking except replacement of the line.

There is another thing you need to consider, if you run the system without fluid you will most likely damage the pump as well. If the pump fails you can add another $300.00 or more for replacing the pump. Find a way to fix it now.

OR as they say… pay me now or pay me MORE later.


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There is nothing that is going to stop a leak in a power steering high pressure line.

What you might consider if your mechanic is willing to go along with it would be to have them remove the old line and have it repaired.
At least around here anyway, many parts houses such as NAPA, O’Reillys, etc. can either repair or make up a new line for much less than the cost of a new one.
They have those oddball ends and press tools to manufacture this stuff from scratch. It seems like the last one I had made up ran about 25 dollars.