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Power steering fluid leak from rack boot

Hello, I have a '98 Ford Taurus and it’s leaking Power steering fluid. I thought it was the pump. but noticed fluid on the ground. After checking it out I found it was coming from the rack boot. I took that off and it’s pouring out from inside the rack. I was wondering if I can purchase a seal kit or do I have to replace the entire rack? Thanks in advance.

Even is such a kit is available, when all is said and done, you’d be better off installing a rebuilt rack. The current one is 10 years old, after all.

I have had success with power steering stop leak on small leaks. You could try a bottle, or two. Many stores have it.

I’ve had good luck with Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak.


The seal at the end of the rack has gone bad. If the leak gets worse you could lose enough fluid or pressure to lose the power steering completely. I’d replace it as soon as possible. Lucas might work to slow it down, but even if it stops the leak don’t become complacent. Just look for a good weekend you can be stuck at home and replace it.