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The Unfixable Power Steering Problem

My 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix loses power steering fluid within a couple of days of having the power steering “fixed”. I’ve gotten a new power steering unit, new hoses, had some kind of treatment put in to try to stop leaks, and nothing has helped. Every mechanic that’s looked at it says there’s no leak that they can see. What the heck is going on???

The Fluid Is Leaking. It Is Possibly Filling The Dust Boots On The Steering Rack Ends And Being Confined There Or Its Leaking Out On The Ground And Nobody’s Seeing It.

As I remember, the PS pumps on these cars, the V6 models, are almost impossible to service unless the engine is partially removed from the car…Perhaps it’s time for a trip to a GM dealership…

@jtdgreat with all respect “power steering unit” is not specific enough.

Did the shop replace the power steering pump?
Did the shop replace the power steering rack and pinion?

FWIW there’s no reason to add stop leak if everything’s okay. It swells seals and occasionally causes good seals to fail. I would suggest that your shop may be adding it because they are frustrated that they can’t find “the leak”

I agree with @Caddyman perhaps it’s time for the GM guys to have a go at it. While Pontiac is gone, the car uses parts which were used in the remaining brands.

Thank you for your responses! @db4690 the power steering pump was replaced. I’m sorry - I didn’t know to be more specific. The rack and pinion was not replaced.

As you and @Caddyman suggested, my next step will be the GM dealership. That’s what my mechanic suggested, but I probably didn’t take it to the right dealership (I took it back to where I bought it used), and they suggested replacing the pump.

Thanks again for the advice. I feel better about the problem.

@jtdgreat Thanks for the info and good luck!