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Power Steering Fluid Spill

A partially-full bottle of unused Honda power steering fluid spilled in the spare tire well of my wife’s car’s trunk. I cleaned as much as I could with towels and tissues. Is this stuff going to eat away the paint and eventually the metal? Or will it just be greasy? None got on the spare tire itself. Thank you in advance.

It might attack the paint over time, not the metal.
Wash with soap and water; bucket and rag.

It’s mostly just oil, if you clean it up well you’re OK. It’s brake fluid that really bad on paint.

I agree with the answers above. It might just soften the paint a bit over time. A degreaser might be easier to use than a bucket of soap and water, though.

I have used oil dry (kitty liter) to clean up oil spills in cars with great success. Just dump it in and leave it a few days and then sweep or vacuum it out. But as stated above, power steering fluid does not damage paint like brake fluid or anti-freeze.

Mix up a 1 to 1 solution of “Simple Green” and clean the area with it. Its the best cleaner I’ve found and will disolve the oil. Rinse and wet vac it up and let dry. I don’t sell it, just use it and it is great stuff. Even dissolves wax on polishing pads. You can get it at Walmart or whereever or if you swing by Minnesota I’ll lend you some.

Bing, I’ll Have To Try Some On My Waxing Pads/Bonnets.
I Use One Of Those Cheap Little Electric 6" Random Orbit Waxers. Woks Great. Saves My Wrists.


I use simple green full strength to clean engine parts. My wife uses it at a 10:1 solution to clean the floors and countertops. It’s sold all over, and we get it from Home Depot and Sam’s Club.