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Stains on my driveway

I have 2 older cars that leak… 1 leaks oil and the other power steering fluid. Is there any good home remedies that remove the stains?

Depends on what driveway surface is made from.


A spray can of engine degreaser, followed by a water wash, does the trick for me. Then after each cleaning I place newspaper sheets over the affected areas to catch future drips.

Power steering stop-leak could help (put into the power steering fluid reservoir, of the p/s leaker, of course).

surface is regular concrete

Soak the stain with brake parts cleaner and let it sit for 15-20 seconds. Then spread a sorbent such as OilDri or kitty litter over the stain. Sweep this back and forth over the stain. Repeat until the stain is removed.


One thing to also consider is that if you want everything to look uniform, you’ll probably have to at least pressure-wash your whole driveway as otherwise there will be extra-clean spots where you cleaned up the stains.