Unknown leak plzz help

I just looked under the hood of my car and saw fluid leaking idk what it is please help, the fluid is on my power steering pump and has gone all the way down to my oil pan idk if I’m right or wrong

I could be wrong but it could be power steering fluid. Is the steering wheel difficult to turn?Neighboor has the same year Civic and is p/s rack was replaced last year.

Give the car a few minutes to cool off. Check the power steering fluid level &oil level. The middle of the picture shows metal cleaned off so you have something leaking. But for a 98 Civic it might not be too bad. If the levels are OK, check them every few days. If the levels are OK, keep checking once a week. If you can keep the oil level up, a Civic engine can give you many years of service. But it already has given 20 years which is not too bad. If the levels are low, add the proper fluid, your owners manual can tell you how. If they keep getting low, take the car to a trusted mechanic and have them look it over. It may only be a valve cover gasket, relatively inexpensive compared to a new engine or car.

Check the oil level and the power steering fluid level.

Whichever fluid is low, that’s what’s leaking.


There is 0 power steering fluid, not even a drop and the car is really hard to turn but I got used to it since I bought It

Not a drop of power steering fluid, and the leaking is on top of my power steering pump

There is not a drop of power steering and the wheel is hard to turn but I’m used to it ever since I bought it, and there is some fluid on top of my power steering pump

It’s on top of the power steering pump and is leaking down , the steering wheel is hard to turn and there is no power steering fluid in the resouiver

The steering wheel Is hard to turn and there is no power steering fluid on the resovouir and there is fresh steering fluid on top of my power steering pump

Then you have a power steering leak. Either the pump or the lines going to the pump.

The first step is to refill the PS reservoir, making sure that you use only Honda-approved fluid. Do NOT use the generic stuff.

The second step is to drive to a competent mechanic’s shop in order to find out what type of repairs are necessary. Be prepared for the replacement of the PS pump, but if you are really lucky, perhaps it will just turn out to be a loose fitting on a PS hose.

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Do I need power steering fluid?? Is it neccessary?? Because I dont mind driving it with the steering wheel rough

Yes, you can drive it without power assist for the steering, but consider this…
If you have to perform a sudden evasive maneuver in order to avoid a collision, would you be able to do so?

I would suggest that you drive it no further than to a reliable mechanic’s shop, which means…
Do NOT go to Midas, Meineke, Monro, Pep Boys, Sears, AAMCO, or any other chain-run operation.

+1 to use Honda-specified power steering fluid. I found some at NAPA and I am sure Honda dealers have it.

There has to be power steering fluid in the reservoir.

The fluid acts as a lubricant for the pump.

Without fluid, the pump can seize and take out the belt

Add power steering fluid along with this product to get by.


Alright and can I just clean all the leaking PS fluid with brake cleaner?



How can I diagnose the problem myself? Can I turn the car on and then move the steering wheel side by side to see where it leaks?

The leak is probably at the power steering pump shaft seal.


First of all , are you able to replace the pump and hoses yourself. If not just let the mechanic determine the problem ( for a fee ) and decide if you want to spend what it takes to fix this 20 year old vehicle.