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Can oil eat paint?

I was working on my car a couple weeks ago and had a little oil on my hands and was leaning on the car with my hands while taking a break. I noticed a oily hand print on the paint and wiped if off. Recently I noticed the pain looked funny in the area where I had my hand, at first I thought it was bird poo but I washed my car and it doesn’t wash off. It looks like there is something wring with the clear coat or paint. I took a picture of it, can anyone tell me what is going on with the paint and if it was caused by the oil or a coincidence?

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If you’re talking about the white spot at the center of the bottom of the picture then, no, I can’t see oil causing that.

The white spot is what I’m talking about yes. What do you think is the problem?

If you drag your finger over it does it feel raised or recessed? I’ve never seen motor oil damage paint.

It feels rough.

Oil may do that but brake fluid used to be the worst.

Oil will not eat paint. And if this is the same vehicle that has peeling clear coat that you wrote about in one of your other threads a repaint is in the picture.

It does look like bird poop that has etched into the clearcoat.

I have also seen serious paint damage from brake fluid but it did not look like the photo.

That looks like battery acid damage. When removing over-filled leaking batteries they drip, care must be taken.

Heard of a pxxxed off girlfriend pouring brake fluid on her cheating boyfriend’s car. Saw pictures and after only an hour the paint was destroyed. Never oil though.