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Power steering fluid + the hood of a car

we all know that brake fluid, transmission fluid, eggs and mustard will eat right threw the clear coat and paint of a care with no problem. A girl I know had someone pour steering fluid all over the hood an top of the car. when she told me this I told her not to worry that it washes off and donesn’t do any long term damage but she says it has. Am I wrong or does she have no idea what she’s talking about?

getting any kind of fluid on the finish is a mistake, as some will readily dissolve the finish (like glycol type brake fluids). Best to have a good wax job on the car and clean up any stains asap including bird droppings. Acid rain, can also damage teh finish,

ture but the ingredients of power steering fluid vary between manufacturers. The most common bases for automotive hydraulic fluids are mineral oil, organophosphate ester, or polyalphaolefin. Other esters may be added, along with glycols, corrosion inhibitors and/or silicones. So is their a chance that it would do something other than take maybe the wax off?