Power steering,2006 honda CRV

Wonder if anyone has heard of any power steering problems with this year of CRV? When you are just backing out of parking stall in our underground parking at our Condo & soon as you start to turn the wheel you hear a funny sound ,not a jerk, you more hear it than feel it. This sound was not there from new, it only has 14,000 miles on it. I believe warranty on that should be for 60,000 miles or 3 years. We bought this CRV just 2 years ago brand new, so I thought I would wait a bit longer to see if it gets a bit worse so the Honda mechanic can,t say he can,t hear anything.

Do you think I should request a complete new power steering or let them just repair this one? I don,t think it is the pump, fluid is right up to normal, belt is tight.

It is not a squeal sound. Thanks in advance.

I say let the warranty take care of it.

Don’t drag this out, don’t forget the warranty doesn’t drag out with it.