1999 honda crv. 4 new tires and the same day major power steering problems

I took my car in the other day for 4 new tires at 8am I drive home 2 miles from the place. I work nights so I sleep all day. As I was going to work at 11pm I noticed it sounded like the front drivers side tire was rubbing up against the car when I turn the wheel from left to right. I took it back to the place I got the tires from. I thought something might be adjusted wrong or something. They call me to tell me that the tires are fine and the problem is that I need a new power steering pump and it’s going to cost almost $500. There was no noise or steering problem previous to me getting the tires.

I took it to pep boys (the only place open last night) and they give me an even bigger estimate of $1700! They say the pump needs to be replaced along with racks and pinions…etc. I ask if the leak can be slowed or stopped with one of those stop leak products and they say no. The fluid just drains right out. Is there something the guy that put my tires on could have messed up to cause this problem?

I spent over $400 for the tires and within 5-10 miles later this problem starts. The car has over 250000 miles on it and I cant justify spending that much money to repair it but at the same time Im in a bind financially (medical bills, divorce) to get another car right now. I realize even if they did mess it up when they put the tires on, they wont admit to it anyway.

Take it to an independent Mechanic listed in the Mechanics Files link above. It could be a hose or the rack. The pump too, now that’s ridiculous. I’m sure they did not do anything to the car. when putting on tires. With that many miles it’s things are going to fail.

With that kind of mileage, it would have happened sooner or later, new tires or not

I wasn’t there, but there’s nothing about tire replacement that would cause the hoses, rack and pump to fail

As mentioned above, it’s definitely time for a second opinion. No chain shop. It might be something as simple as a deteriorated power steering return hose. The low fluid level would cause the pump to whine, which might make somebody inexperienced assume the pump is a goner

Are you keeping the PS reservoir full? How much fluid are you replacing every day?

First, determine what is leaking. If a hose is leaking, the repair will be a lot cheaper that if the pump itself is leaking. Has anyone put it on the rack and identified the actual leak?

The OP can count this as another person who believes that this was merely a coincidence–with a car that has racked-up a lot of miles.

Take the car to an independent mechanic for his evaluation.
You really want to avoid places like Pep Boys, Sears, AAMCO, and other chain operations.

If the repairs turn out to be too expensive to keep the car, ask the place you bought the tires from if they will take the tires back, junk the car for you and give you some kind of credit for a future purchase.

250,000 miles, the car has exceeded it’s expected lifespan and you’re on borrowed time.

Aside from outright sabotage, I can’t think of anything that installing 4 tires on a car that could be related to a power steering problem. If it had happened 10 miles earlier, on the way to the tire shop, you wouldn’t think it was related.

@acemaster Agree; at 250,000 miles one can expect failures in various systems. Hondas are good vehicles, but at this mileage one has to be prepared for the more expensive failures.

At this stage in a car’s life, a good independent mechanic will give you good and sensible advice; chain shops will replace whatever they suspect is the problem and those repairs usually exceed the value of the vehicle.

We have driven several vehicles past this mileage and such things as springs, power steering pumps, racks, CV joints/shafts will nearly always need to be replaced.

Thanks everyone. I have just come to the realization that this must be an unlucky coincidence. They won’t take the tires back. I’ll just have to suck it up and get something else. I appreciate your help.

Sell the tires on Craigs List.

I may be late to this but if the OP needs to watch their money find a independent shop and if all it needs for now is the pump fix it and drive it as long as you can. Why buy another used vehicle at this time that also may need repairs?

VOLVO V70 Excellent advice. If it’s just a leaking hose, even better.

In the absolute worst case, does a small light vehicle like the CRV really need power steering? I drove a 60 cutlass whose PS pump gave out (just removed the belt) the only thing I noticed was parking was a real pain. And really think the steering felt better on the highway.