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Honda crv 2007

have a crv ex all wheel drive got it used 100,ooo miles. nice. when i reverse turning wheel all the way it makes a metal high noise like silverware clinking but light sound . does it both left and right.

Without actually hearing it’s going to be very difficult to diagnose over the internet.

Is you foot on the brake when this happens?

Do you mean that when you turn the wheel all the way while in reverse it makes this sound? Is the sound occurring when you begin to move in reverse, or when turning the wheel and before beginning to move?

no my foot isnt on brake

If you turn so sharply that you hit the steering stop – i.e. you can’t turn the steering wheel any more – that could be the power steering pump complaining. It’s stressed more when you hit the stops fully. A good start is to check the power steering pump belt for proper tension, and check the power steering pump fluid level. After that a shop would loosen the belt and spin the power steering pump my hand, looking for any grinding type noises.