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2007 Honda CRV 2 Wheel Drive

I received some good comments from my last entry; and because I received good comments on my question I wanted to give more information on my vehicle that I didn’t give the last time. I have a 2007 Honda CRV 2 wheel drive and it is making a howling noises. It sounds like the power steering, but here is a funny thing. I make a turn and the noise starts, however it continues even as I’m going straight, but always after I make my first turn. I’m taking it in on Friday, but I’d like to know what I should expect. Any help is greatly appreciated.
(I’ve been having trouble logging in but I will watch for any comments you may give) Thanks again!

Have you checked the power steering fluid. If that is not low, you may need a new pump.


The noise might be the early signs of a front wheel bearing failing.

If this is the cause, it should be easy to determine if the wheel bearing is making that much noise.


Thanks, I’m hoping its just a new pump, that wheel bearing thing sounds expensive. How do you test for the wheel bearing? Is this something you can see when they check your brakes?

Here are some techniques for checking wheel bearing noise:

Pump is 200. Bearing is 100.

Thanks I’ll look up the link. I’m hoping this is under the warranty that I got with the car. You have all been a great help!

If the noise always stops when the vehicle stops, it could be a wheel bearing.

Go figure, just as I’m going to take it tomorrow to the mechanic it didn’t make any noise this morning. We will see what it does later today.

Whether it “stops” or not is not the issue. It won’t get any better. (The pump or bearing) Even if it’s something simple like a belt slipping ( just example) it will come back and a simple adjustment could save money down the road. These things don’t repair themselves. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong I’m having it repaired. I just find it funny that is all.

Well it turns out the power steering pump was okay no leaks. The power steering fluid was dirty and so it was changed. I was told there is rarely any power steering pump problems with these vehicles. Thanks for all your help again.

Glad you got it fixed. A howling noise like that can be caused by a worn or loose accessory drive belt too, and faulty idler pulleys. If it comes back, ask your tech to check those.

Will do. Thanks!
The mechanic also reclamped the power steering inlet hose and also checked the drive belt which was okay.

Given the PS fluid change solved the problem, once or twice a year I’d suck all the fluid I could out of the PS reservoir with a turkey baster and replenish with new.

Unless I’m mistaken, OP said the noise had stopped before he took it in for repairs…so the PS fluid change may have been for nought.

If the noise comes back, check the wheel bearings.