Power Outlet isn't working

So I have a 97 Camry. I plugged my 200W power inverter (basically converting the car inverter to an acwall adapter)… I plugged in a small handheld vacuum to vacuum my car. After Vacuuming for a few minutes, the inverter just shut off. So I unplugged it and noticed that the insert cover for the plug on my car say 12 V/ 120W… so I figure I blew a fuse.

this is what the fuse map looks like. http://imgur.com/a/0nDIt

The top one never worked and that is where the Cigarette Lighter sits… the bottom one is the one I use for chargers and stuff and that is the one I plugged my inverters into. Looking at the fuse map, I am assuming the top port is the Cig fuse and the bottom port is the power outlet fuse (since it say 12VC/120W on the cover)…

I’ve tested both the the power outlet fust and the cig fuse and they both work. From a Visual inspection, it looks fine. Using one of those fuse testers that came with my box of fuses, it is fine… (i.e. the light lit up when I touched the metals together)…I have replaced the fuse for the power outlet. But the power outlet/bottom port doesn’t work still… I’ve tried plugging in my GPS charger into it and it won’t charge… I am unsure how to fix this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

When tapping the fuse tester (the metal parts) in both ports, it lights up… so there is electricity there…I think.

if you have a volt meter or a multi -meter check the outlet for voltage then if m-nio voltage start checking the wiring from the b=plug back to the fuse block and I would replace the fuses and one last thought is the outlet on all the time or is it on with the key?

it’s on with key… the car doesn’t have to be running, but the key have to be in and turned one notch at the very least.

Even though the other fuses are good, change them too?
Is it hard to check the wiring? I don’t exactly know how to do this. Would this be a simple (and hopefully cheap!) job for a mechanic?