2012 Chevrolet Sonic - Outlet help

Car charger outlet/ cigarette plug is not working. Would like to know the part name and how to replace the faulty one.

First check the fuse, owners manual will tell you location.
As far as the name of the power outlet, just describe it to the person at the parts counter.


When is it not working? All the time? On newer cars the outlet is only on when the ignition is on. As for the outlet itself, it’s unlikely it’s bad. They’re not particularly complex so there’s not much to fail. A loose wire or blown fuse is much more likely.

They have been referred to as power point, cigarette lighter adapter and 12 volt recepticale in my experience. Many have different plug configurations on the back, so a dealer oem, or proper replacement for your car would be advised to make life easy. There is no voltage reading from the center pin? As always check the fuses first. I have had them go bd rarely, some of the adapters have a fuse built into the plug as a thought. Some adapters are finicky, make sure you know what the problem is first, to save fixing it 2 times.