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120-Watts EACH cigarette lighter? 2009 Camry Hybrid

Each cigarette lighter-type outlet reads “120 Watts”.
One is below the radio inside the compartment covered by a door.
The other is in the center console to the rear of the shift lever.

Or are both cigarette lighter outlets on the same circuit, meaning 120 Watts total?

Is there a circuit diagram available somewhere?

Thank you.

Should know your car but I cannot, a 350 watt invertor should run fine, 750 watt inverer you need a direct connectin to the battery. Check the owners manual for circuits and fuses. PS Congrats on the new wheels!

Thank you.
Used car, no manual.
Can’t find the fuse for the cigarette lighters (whatever they are called today).

If I find two 10A fuses, it’s 120 Watts each. (350-Watt inverter would require a 30 A. fuse.)
The 12-Volt battery is in the trunk, right side.
I may have to run a fused wire from there into the passenger compartment but do not see a way.

Each lighter socket (Power Point) should have a 15 amp fuse protecting it…That’s pretty much standard…

The starter motor on the gas engine will have a heavy cable connecting it to the battery. You could tap on to that post to get your 350 watts. That will be 25 amps of 12 volt power…The Camry’s alternator may struggle providing that continuously especially with the lights and / or A/C on too…

Thank you. Yes, that would be a closer source of 12 Volts. But it’s dirty and not sure how to get to it or where it is. From the trunk battery is clean and dry.
If 15-amp power sockets, that would be closer to 180 Watts. 200 Watts at 13.8 Volts.
I would not use the AC. Rarely use it anyway.

What is the fuse rating for the outlets rated at 120 watts? Is it 10 or 15 amps? I’m thinking it might be a 15 amp fuse to give the user a safety margin.

My experience is if you plug in an appliance that uses the full rated current of your fuse, (like a portable tire inflator), you’ll often blow the fuse.

While you may be using a 350 watt inverter (for?) it will not pull 350 watts unless you have something that draws 350 watts plugged into it…

Don’t forget that most inverters are only 85% efficient.

Used car, no manual.

As many as are available on line free. Why not? I figured a nit-picking hair splitter would have the manual before you even considered buying the car.

And you can probably get the service manual on disc for about $20 on e-bay.

There’s no regular 12V ‘starter motor’ on Toyota hybrids, one of the HIGH voltage electric motor takes care of starting duties. Don’t mess with those connections!

Thank you, PvtPublic, for the Manual
That fuse indicates both can handle 120 Watts simultaneously!
Thank you.