2011 Toyota Camry Unlocking Issue

I have a very puzzling issue with my 2011 Toyota Camry. Since last summer, my car has had a history of an intermittent issue with the passenger doors not unlocking; they consistently lock just fine. I have never had a problem with the driver’s side door, and it is only the other three doors that malfunction (front passenger door and both rear doors). If I manually unlock the doors, I can lock them just fine via either key fob or door lock button inside the car, but then they will not unlock at all. This issue has historically persisted for as short as a few seconds or for as long as a few weeks, and then after some period of time of everything working fine, the issue recurs. The length and frequency of the episodes have been very inconsistent and unpredictable, and the issue has now been chronic for the past two months (the longest it has ever gone without working). I have taken my car to two different mechanics and even the Toyota dealer, but no one has been able to figure out the root of the problem. I would really appreciate it if anyone can provide insight regarding this matter. Thanks in advance.

There is a setting to have the driver door only unlock. Read about it in the lock pdf here.


Door lock actuators fail often on these cars, that is most likely your issue.