Power Locks and passenger window controls not working on driver's side

My 2005 Honda Pilot driver side controls for the power locks and the passenger window controls have stopped working. The window controls on all of the other doors and the driver’s window control still work as well as the lock controls on the passenger side. The problem started with the window control issue. Every once in a while the driver controls for the passenger windows would stop working for a few days and then it would come back. When this would happen I also noticed that when I locked the doors with the key fob the horn wouldn’t beep like it normally does. Eventually the drivers window controls for the passenger windows stopped working completely. Then, after a few weeks the driver side door lock botton stopped working and I can’t lock or unlock the doors with my key fob any more. I’m wondering how to diagnose where the issue is.

Start with a volt-ohm meter. And start at the door switches. Either the switch assembly has failed or the wiring to the switches has a break in it. Likely right where it passes through the door jamb into the door.

Look for a YouTube video on how to remove your door switch assembly without breaking a lot of plastic bits. Start checking for power and grounds to the switches and actuate the switches to see if they make contact. Or just buy a new switch module and swap it out because that is the most likely failure point.


All the circuits that are shutting down are controlled by the BCM, which may be failing.


as far as the key fob not working. when was the last time you replaced the battery. it could be a separate issue.