09 Pathfinder power window problems

I have a 2009 pathfinder. It was basically given to me so I’m not complaining. But, at first the window was stuck down so I opened up the door panel, put direct power to the motor and rolled it back up. Hooked up all the wiring and turned the car back on and it rolled down again. I roll it back up again and leave the motor disconnected. Turn the car back on and I can hear the passenger side switch clicking at seemingly random intervals. It will continue clicking (trying to roll down I assume) as long as the vehicle has power. Neither the master switch or rh switch will roll it back up. The drivers window operates correctly. I already replaced the rh switch. Now I’m thinking I should replace the master switch. But could it be the BCM? I have the repair manual but I’m kinda stuck when it talks about testing the BCM connector and door switch connector for continuity. I’m not sure how to get to the bcm connectors or if its another dead end. Any advice would be appreciated.

I checked the wiring diagram for the power windows for your vehicle and, the first thing the fuses for the power window circuits protects is the BCM.

Don’t ya just love the BCM?


BCM seems to be your mantra these days, not complaining but just thinking it might be a weak link in the chain.


Since every vehicle has one nowadays, and when you work on a enough vehicles over time, You sorta get an inkling what the problem probably is from the symptoms.


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That’s what in leaning towards. I’ve troubleshot the issue extensively and can’t really find a pattern. As a last ditch effort I may try to replace the master switch. Or might just leave the dang thing unplugged and not worry about it.

before blaming BCM, I would test relevant wires

in my elder kid’s first [beater] vehicle, it had some random malfunctions which might be attributed to BCM voodoo magic, but what was found is the wire rubbing against the body and making intermittent contact to the ground

Thank you all for the input. Yeah. I keep making an attempt at checking the wiring but my multimeter is a piece. Also, I’m having trouble making a good connection with the contacts in the plugs. I’m gonna dive back in on that avenue I think.