2005 Honda Pilot electrical issues after accident/repair

I have an issue with my 2005 Honda Pilot. It was in an accident involving the front driver’s side fender/bumper, hood and door. When it came back from the body shop, the interior panel where the window/lock controls are was pushed down and now connect correctly - everything seemed to work. My husband fixed it. Shortly after that, occasionally I couldn’t roll down the passenger windows. Sometimes, it would also not honk when locking it with the key fob…it would lock, but not honk. My husband tried fixing the “connection” in the driver’s side door control area, which would finally make it work again, short term. Eventually, I called the body shop back and told them what it was doing and asked them to look at it. Upon return, it was worse. They said they tried to sauter a circuit of some sort and it broke – ordered a new one, replaced but it did not repair. Now, It won’t lock/unlock with the key fob, won’t unlock all the doors by unlocking manually with the key either, sometimes won’t unlock manuually with the key on the driver’s side. If the car is running, I am able to lock/unlock from the interior all doors. If the car is not running the control won’t work at all. I can not operate any of the windows from the driver’s side, except the driver’s side. Sometimes, it dies or won’t start. It will “short” out for a second but doesn’t always die. When it won’t start, I jiggle the key, get out, mess with the lock, and try again, So far, it eventually starts. HELP

You need to contact the insurance company that paid for this and have them reopen the claim. Your problem needs to be repaired by a competent service shop or a Honda dealer. Good body shops usually sublet this type of repair to a Honda dealer, which is where I think your Pilot should go, since they will have the knowledge to do a proper repair.

It appears you have wiring problems related to the accident alright like @Conoso stated and the insurance company should cover this problem. The wiring in the driver’s door jam and possibly after the ignition switch needs to be checked and repaired. The trouble shouldn’t be much of a problem for a qualified tech to fix.

Your husband could be part of the problem. At least the body shop is still repairing it. Insurance warranties repairs and if this is beyond the capability of body shop then to Honda repair it goes.