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Honda Pilot starts, after engine off no power

2012 Honda pilot

Recently changed the battery. Then driver’s p/w switch breaks, so installed a new p/w master switch. Now it starts, center console screen is off a few other random electrical issues. When I turn the engine off and take the key out of the ignition nothing has power and using the fob, nothing responds.

I’m lost. I have checked the smaller fuses not any of the switches yet.

That sounds like a burned out fuse or electrical connector problem. Check all the electrical connectors again involved w/replacing the battery and p/w switch. If those seem ok, check all the fuses. There are fuses in the engine compartment too.


This is why I like my 2006 charger, much easier to diagnose a problem. The pilot has 3 fuse boxes. Thank you for the advice. I was thinking of doing that but questioned maybe I was just being obsessive.

Other random problems along with this problem is the rear hatch won’t open when you press the drivers side button. You have to get out and manually do it. Even though the screen doesn’t work, the radio does.


You may be looking at a bad BCM.


Checked every fuse and relay. Found one blown and 2 that blew when testing. Replaced them and no changes.