Power Lift gate 2001 Town&Country minivan

To open rear gate I have to use the key while pulling the rear latch.

The power gate does not work ( will not open or close )

How do I determine what component(s)are faulty? Thanks TM

First check the lift gate fuse(s) and/or circuit breaker(s).

Owners manual doesn’t list a specific fuse for the rear gate. (or at least I can’t find it) The chims “ding” when the gate tries to open – appears some power is available at the rear gate. When the vehicle power locks are “up”, the rear gate will still not open without turning the key in the outside key slot.

since you hear the ‘ding’ the gate IS getting power. can you hear the click of the lock release?

sometimes the lift gate rubber bumpers need adjusting (looser) so that the gate will be able to unlock by itself. usually the rubber/plastic bumpers get out of adjustment and need some re tweeking to get loose enough to release the lock, but not too loose to allow exhaust into the rear lift gate.

Thanks — found and confirmed the fuse was ok. Did take it in. Chrysler says its a bad power lift gate switch – computer showed two error codes. The gate switch will not “unlock”, even when the rear gate is in the open position.

We are having the same problem on our 2002 T&C - approx. 60K miles. Did you have a new switch installed and how much did it cost you? Thanks.