Lift gate pops open by itself

The lift gate pops open by itself and I have to open it the rest of the way with the key remote and then close it. Sometimes it opens again right away. This happens for like a month or so and then it stops. Then it will start again a few months later. My husband walked past the car yesterday in the driveway and he said the latch was going click, click click, click and then it stopped. It’s like a ghost lives in my car!

The lock actuator motor is kaput. Check online for a new one because they are cheap.

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Doesn’t sound like the actuator motor is kaput to me.

It sounds more like what controls the actuator motor is malfunctioning.


There’s a button-switch near the driver that you can press to open the lift gate, right? Maybe that switch is kaput. Get a mirror and flashlight and see if you can spot anything weird going on with the wiring in that area, broken wire, connection loose, etc. btw, that switch isn’t located on the steering wheel is it?

It could also be a problem back at the lift gate. Faulty actuator motor, or bad power or ground connection. If you can see the wiring in that area, take a look. Are there any wires that go from the body of the car into the lift gate door panel in the hinge area? If so, look at those, notice any insulation chaffing? Beyond that you’d need to get a schematic and probe the various points in the circuitry with a volt meter to see what’s going on.

Thank you all for your help! I appreciate it. Now I’ve got an idea of what need to be checked.

Maybe the remote in your husband’s pocket needs a new battery, and maybe it has a button that’s stuck down for some reason. Check it out.