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Power Liftgate: Gears out of Time

The power lift gate on my 2007 Chrysler T&C is misbehaving. At the end of the cycle during opening the arm pops and seems to almost jump out of position.
The mechanic stated that the gears were out of time and that a new motor and gear assembly was needed. Is it possible to re-sync the gears without putting a new assembly in? Are there markings on the assembly that would help facilitate this alignment? Do I just need to break down and buy the new part?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Does the lift use bicycle chains?

For stuff like this is where the factory service manual really comes in handy. The repair process would be in there or an Alldata subscription.

I believe the OP’s concern is a lift installed at the side door of a van to give a wheelchair bound driver access to the vehicle, Bing.

Ahh, I see, never mind.

I am referring to the rear hatch. I understand the confusion, I am just quoting that the mechanic said.

Another question would be: How did the gears get out of time? Did the hatch bind on something causing them to slip, or is there a limit switch on the mechanism that malfunctioned, causing the hatch to keep trying to close for example, after it had already been closed? I’m worried that even if you manage to “re-sync” the gears, that it may just happen again.

That said, someone skilled may be able to disassemble the unit and sync everything back up without replacement. Another option would be a used unit from a salvage yard if you can find one.