Power door locks


When I put the key to my 2000 Honda CR-V in the door and unlock it the alarm goes off when I open the door and I cannot turn the alarm off or start the car until I press the unlock button on the keyless fob. Is there a way to unlock the car without using the power lock and be able to start the car?


It is possible your car is doing what it thinks it is supposed to do, having slipped into some sort of antitheft mode. If so you should be able to reprogram the system. Read your owner’s manual to see if this is the case and find instructions to reprogram.

If you don’t have an owner’s manual it is well worth your while to get one, either buying online or from a dealership.


Any car I’ve seen and/or been in with an alarm had the same ‘problem.’ One always has to unlock the doors with the key fob. Which is stupid. What happens if the battery dies? Or if someone steals/finds the key fob?