2014 CR-V key issues

Neither my husband nor I are very knowledgeable about car stuff, so any help is very much appreciated.
The 2014 Honda CR-V we just bought came with 2 key fobs, only one of which works. I replaced the battery in the dead one. According to the internet, I should be able to put the car into a “programming mode” to get the fob in question paired to this car again. But I can’t get it to work. All I’ve accomplished is getting the unlock button to lock the car, but the lock button does nothing. To make matters worse, for some reason, neither key will lock or unlock the door when inserted into the driver’s door. Thoughts? Is this something I’ll have to go to a dealership for, or can we fix this ourselves (with virtually no experience)?

A locksmith might be a good bet to get this fixed for you.


I second the locksmith suggestion. Dealers call them anyway.
Other thing is to change the batteries again just in case but don’t keep your hopes up.

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Not surprising considering most people never, ever use the key anymore. The key-hole is there if the battery dies in the car, you can open the door to open the hood to jump the car. The locks freeze up from lack of use. Graphite lock lube on the key and gently working the lock may get it freed up. Or let the locksmith do it when he programs the key.