Power door locks possessed


My 1997 Ford Explorer has power door locks that randomly unlock themselves. The vehicle is turned off, parked, and for no apparent reason the doors locks will unlock themselves. This may happen just want during a long period while parked or the locks may unlocked themselves repeatedly while parked. I took all the door panels off looking for shorts and didn’t discover any exposed wires. I also had the mechanic check the door switches and all were deemed okay. The mechanic did replace the “gen” module in hopes that would solve the problem. Obviously it did not. I really need help. Does anyone have a suggestion?


Have you tried to reprogram the power door locking system?

Your owners manual tells how to do it.

There is usually a choice of a few different ‘codes’ you can set.

These are the ones let you choose the locking program YOU want.

It could be possible the decoder in your vehicle has a fault. Maybe.


BTW, what is a ‘gen’ module?


Sorry for my spelling…it’s a GEM module which I think stands for Generic Electronics Module. It’s also know as a Multifunction Electronis Module.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that. If anyone else has any other possible suggestions, please let me know. I am really in need of help on this one.


The GEM & the “Remote anti theft personality module” are 2 good examples of the electronic JUNK that we need to deal with on these newer computers on wheels.

This is one of many reasons why I plan on drivng my 87 Ranger for another 235K miles.

The unlock side of the door switches & pin 22 of the RAP module are all spliced to the unlock relay.

The switches or the RAP module apply a ground to the voltage coming from the coil side of the unlock relay.

If the wiring between the RAP or one of the switches & the unlock relay has a bare spot & is shorting to ground this will cause your problem.

Or maybe the RAP module has gone stupid on you.

BTW, the lock/unlock relays & the “remote anti theft personality module” are located in the jack storage area.

At a time like this (or for figuring out any other electrical problems)having the 30 buck 1997 Explorer “electrical & vacuum troubleshooting manual” is worth its weight in gold.


Thank you for the suugestions on where to look. I’ll try to follow the wiring to check for shorts in the circuit.