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Pothole damage

BBC: A council paid out more than £1.8m in a single compensation claim involving a pothole, it has emerged.

It is difficult but I have heard of our city covering repairs for potholes, missing peephole (manhole) covers

Tires must be expensive in England. :scream_cat:

Too bad but I think England is lost. The nanny state has taken over. It wasn’t the Germans, it was themselves that gave it up. I’m not sure when it started but when you can get paid because the bramble bushes weren’t properly trimmed by the state, all is lost.

One of the comments was it was a relative of one of the officials. Fraud anyone? I discount what the news reports but I like to look at the comments to kind of get a truer view of what people are thinking. Lots of the media now are disallowing comments.

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I would like to know the exact details

Unless the pothole somehow directly caused and/or led grievous and permanently bodily injury or led to a priceless one-of-a-kind Ferrari being totaled, I don’t see how anybody came up with that monetary figure

Apparently the guy hired an extremely sharp attorney

He would have hired a solicitor, who would have hired a barrister. I don’t know how universal it is, but in the cities and towns around here the municipalities are not responsible for pothole damage unless they receive prior written notice of their existence and location.

No problem. When the politicians run out of money they’ll just go after the taxpayers for more…

I’m curious how they compensate, directly to the claims filed, or through insurance company

I’m sure it just comes out of the general village fund or maybe they get a cut of the TV license fees. Our son spent 6 months there and when we visited him, he had to go down to the corner and plug more money in the meter to insure the electricity was not shut off in the middle of a meal, shower, etc.
Then he had a TV but couldn’t use it because you had to buy a TV license. They had trucks like the Germans used to use, that drove around detecting who was receiving a TV signal that did not have a license to receive the state owned stations. Of course medical and dental is free (of course paid for by the state) but to get a dentist is a two year wait. Guns are all kept at the local police station and can be checked out if you have a good reason to use one. They haven’t gotten to knives yet but its coming. At the B&B we stayed at power went off at 10 and on again at 6 so that it was not wasted while you were in bed. Breakfast was good though.

Columbus Day is Monday and we should thank (your own version of) God that Ole Chris discovered the new country in time for our ancestors to get out of that place before their downfall. Phew.

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…and then there is the reality that Christopher Columbus NEVER actually landed in North America.

His only landfalls in “The New World” were in a few islands in The Caribbean.
That, of course, leads to the inevitable question of why he is exalted over other explorers, such as Giovanni di Verrazano, who actually did achieve landfall in North America.


A Giovanni di Verrazano day would be too hard to pronounce. Actually the Vikings were first but there was nothing to plunder then and didn’t see the significance of establishing a new world. Wouldn’t be the first of us to miss an opportunity. We have Viking Days here though so we’ve got it all covered. Now you can’t have it both ways though with Chris bringing disease and mahem to all the natives if he was never there.

I just don’t have a car problem today though.

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Sorry, but I can’t agree with you there, especially the “Phew” part

I have no problems with europeans. Keep in mind there are several foreign-born regulars on this website, including several from europe

They just have different customs. Doesn’t mean they’re worse. Also doesn’t mean somebody else’s culture and customs are better

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A couple of your comments seem too political to find a home here. Please keep it to cars.


NEWS FLASH…the Caribbean islands are part of North America.



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My MSN home page “news” has had comments “temporarily suspended in order to make improvements” for months!

I appreciate the geography lesson. I was taught in school that North America was the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Alaska. Central America, Caribbean islands, and Greenland were not included. I confirmed that technically they are.

NH and MA would go bankrupt if that happened here.

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