Laughing at potholes

Many a true word is said in jest…


Add one… the low profile tire wheel breaker!


Add another: regular profile wheel breaker. We have a road here where the pavement is so bad that the US Park Service lowered the speed limit from 55 to 40, and even that is too fast. The Baltimore-Washington Parkway between MD 198 and MD 197 is so bad that I won’t ride on it anymore. The Park Service said they can’t get to it until August. I guess there are two ways to look at it. They are penny pinching irresponsible jerks that don’t care about roads that other people use. Or maybe their budget was cut so much that they really don’t have money for important safety related repairs like this. I’m leaning toward the latter. Both directions, BTW, though southbound is worse. If you happen to drive through, avoid this road.

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The last couple of months of winter here in the land of 10,000 lakes was particularly bad and there are pot holes everywhere. Too cold yet for permanent work but the crews are busy with temporary patches which they claim can last anywhere from a day to a month until everything melts and warms up. Water levels are pretty high now though so depending on the snow melt and rain, pot holes could be the least of our worries. I’m on a hill though but don’t have a boat.

Maybe the potholes should be named for cities. The really big ones are Detroit. The smaller ones maybe Lexington (KY) ones in the middle, Philadelphia, Toledo or Dayton. The itty- bitty ones, Miami or Tampa.

Florida has been paving all winter long during the night time. The roads in my area are in fantastic shape.

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I’m sure that is true, but without the classic freeze-thaw syndrome to which more northern climes are subjected, Florida’s roads shouldn’t experience severe pothole damage during the colder months.

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Quite true. We have different problems. The rainy season seems to be the worst time… hot sun and water trying to find its way up and out.

Regardless, road repair is almost continuous because of large trucks channeling the asphalt road surfaces. Makes narrower cars wander ALL over the road!

You have to dodge the “driverless cars” (otherwise known as tiny elderly people who can’t see over the steering wheel), and the FL folks who are addicted to “bathsalts”, Methamphetamine, Opiates, and Opioids.
Does your new Governor have a plan to deal with those road hazards?

We haven’t had a bath salts crazy naked man event since the election. We are overdue!

As for the hat-and-knuckles on the steering wheel crowd… ain’t gonna happen! They VOTE and no one has the fortitude to take away their licenses.

Roads here are fantastic, too! It’s not just the beautiful climate and daily weather that are responsible for that. I pay as much property tax here (but less gas tax) as I do in the north. I see almost no return on my tax dollars in my northern location, but evidence of tax money well spent is everywhere here; the roads, the beaches, the libraries, parks, bicycle paths & trails, River Walk, trash & recycling services, police & fire/EMS services, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Our new governor is fantastic, too! Thank goodness he was the victor. I love it here, not looking forward to going north just for 3 golf leagues and a 10,000 acre lake.

Because I ride a bicycle often and I travel relatively slower than a car and I have better ground visibility, I noticed 3 very little pot holes at an intersection on a residential street about a week ago, not too far away from me. I phoned the department of public works and got the administrator. He was very cordial and was interested in the detailed information I reported and said he’d add it to the work schedule and it would be taken care of … within a week all tiny holes were repaired.


Your property taxes would be a lot lower if you lived here full time! :wink:

Mine are about half they were in Ohio. And no state income tax, either.

Now wait a minute. On my stroll through Longboat or whatever it is called, I saw a work crew repairing a section of sidewalk-all day. I counted 15 workers plus a foreman and a single cement truck. Fifteen. It was nice and clean and no potholes though. :sunglasses:

Oh, poor little Long Boat Key, partly in Sarasota County and partly in Manatee County… What is it, a strip of land (yacht clubs, golf courses, estates, and condos) about a quarter or half mile wide and 10 miles long? LBK’s tax base is $17,500,000,000.00!

Did you see the big “Taj Mahal” Chase Bank on LBK ( I went in to cash a check and they’ve got a young woman greeter(?) in like a formal gown, ha, ha)? Only 15 workers? They must pay 15 workers just to try and help use up a little of that dough.

It gets confusing there with two county governments, so they are talking about seceding from both counties and doing their own thing. They can afford their own police/fire/EMS and any other services expected by the residents.

Pot holes on Long Boat wouldn’t have a chance to be funny.

There’s upsides to potholes too. Think positive. For example, if you need hubcaps, that’s the place to find some. :wink:


Think Spring! Spacious 2-bed, 1-bath pothole for rent in great neighborhood…