Pot hole damage diagnosis

I don’t have any knowledge when it comes to suspension and cant get anyone to my house soon enough so can anyone tell me from this pic what exactly is gonna need to be replaced, obviously the control arm but what else looks wrong and is needed. Any help is appreciated and if it helps it’s a Buick lacrosse 2015 v6

If you are not going to fix this yourself then someone guessing at parts will not be much help . If you have full coverage insurance contact your agent . The repair might be covered but only the agent can answer that.

Of course there is probably more damage than can be seen from photos.

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A new half shaft at least, and a lower control arm. and it looks like the ABS wheel speed sensor wire got yanked.

But the front tire needs to be removed to inspect for all the damage.


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Are you sure you didn’t hit a curb? Or that was some massive pothole!


Everything mentioned, and the shop will look for damage to the suspension attachment points, the engine, etc. An impact that hard can damage lots of stuff.

Lower control arm
Inspect lower control arm mounts to see that they’re not bent. The aluminium may have broken and prevented further damage.
Check that the strut mount at the top isn’t bent
New rubber boot with grease pack for CV axle if it is torn
check rim for damage
wheel bearing may fail sooner than normal after such a hit

That had to be a massive pothole!

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Sure it was a pothole, not a mssing manhole cover. You maybe able to cover cost of repairs from the governing body.

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Kid hit a man hole where the cover wasn’t set down.

Made a mess of the right front corner.

Went to city hall to bitch.

They asked, “Can you prove our work crew failed to set the cover down properly?”

He turned around and walked out.


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In my city, there’s a procedure for submitting a claim for repair cost reimbursement due to our lousy roads

Check if your city has something similar

Pay to repair

Then submit your claim

You’ve got nothing to lose

And it might actually work: :smiley:


Every spring our city has a rash of manhole covers being stolen. Usually they are not taken from traffic lanes, Since I got our custom covers instituted it has slowed down, but not eliminated, as recyclers know these are not negotiable scrap. The construction crews for road repairs must return the removed covers and rims to us, then given replacements at no cost. Then we get scrap value.

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IMHO, you don’t need “anyone” to come to your house, you need a tow truck to take it to the mechanic.
BTW, how did you get it to your house?

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Yes pot hole in a private mall parking lot

No reputable mechanic is going to give you an estimate based on a pic. There could be other things that need attention also.


Contact your insurance company and ask for advice. They might cover it and go after the owner of the mall. If they don’t cover it, ask for advice about getting the mall owner to cover it. Finally, get it towed to a good shop. If you don’t have one already, your auto insurer will have a working relationship with a good shop near you. Whether they cover it or not, they should offer free advice.


Ouch. the distorted part with the rubber accordion pleats is the “half shaft”. It is what transfers the rotating power from the transmission to the wheel to make the car move. There are CV joints on both ends. The the CV nearest the transmission allows the half shaft to change in length. The CV nearest the wheel allows the wheel to steer left & right. Shops replace half shafts routinely b/c eventually one of the rubber boots will split and dirt gets into the CV joint and ruins it. Replacing the entire half shaft is the usual fix. By reports here the most common half-shaft technical problem you might have is the shop using the wrong part. It depends in part on the engine & transmission configuration, and if AWD, front vs rear. Ask your shop to double check they are using the correct part number…

And that is no way to get the shop on your side .

That’s part of the shop’s job


@George_San_Jose1 You did see the broken lower control arm ? ,
the half shaft is the least of his problems.