Suspension Insurance Claim?

My 2000 VW Golf needs suspension work after navigating over Boston potholes. Can I make an insurance claim to cover replacing the rear springs and rear beam bushings on my car?

Good luck. Maybe just maybe on a 2008 Golf(Rabbit now) but your vehicle is 8-9 years old and likely is worn out. Maybe they will depreciate the cost :slight_smile:

Golf Driver is “Teed-Off!”

I don’t think so. These parts are suffering wear from overuse, not from damage caused by a collision, vandalism, fire, theft, leaping animals, airborne rocks, etc.

I believe your claim would be with Boston (City Hall). What’s that saying about fighting City Hall?

No, don’t even try. After the claim rep ends the phone call there will be plenty of giggling in the office. What you have is nothing more than wear & tear. Even if you had a bent suspension part it would be considered collision since the pothole is part of the roadway ( I know, I know…it’s not supposed to be). If you hit an animal, chunk of wood or something that did not belong in the road, then that would be considered comprehensive.

This reminds me of of the time I had to inspect a Mitsubishi Eclipse. In the dark hours of the morning this vehicle hit a Caterpillar diesel engine laying in the middle of the highway. It had somehow fallen off a flatbed, That is a pretty good example of comprehensive.

If you were able to do that insurance companies all over MA would be going bankrumpt.

If you hit a pothole and it bent the rim, and broke the spring you might have a claim, but in your case, I don’t think so. Normal (for Boston) wear.