Potential Problems with Purchase of Low Mileage < 100 miles) Infinity

I have the opportunity to purchase the 1997 Q45 Infinity previously owned by my deceased uncle. The car has less than 100 miles and has not likely been started since his death 12 years ago. The price is reasonable ($6,800) but I am concerned about problems due to the long period of disuse. Can anyone give me advice?

Really uncharted territory. A 1997 with under 100 miles? We have people asking if they have damaged their cars after sitting over one winter.

Inspection by mechanic. Don’t be suprised if he wants to replace several items “Just because”. The car did not get better sitting all that time. Someone should have put some thought into this 12yrs ago.

I give you $500.00 until you get it running and all maintiance up to date then we will think of a new price.

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Biggest problem would be the (very expensive) fuel system. If there was 12 year old gas in it, you have to get the tank emptied, cleaned, and the rest of the system flushed (and maybe repaired). After that, replace all fluids, tires, belts. Not cheap! I don’t think the price is a bargain, it’s OK if it can be brought back to running condition without major problems.