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When the warrenty runs out and the problem repeats

I have a 2002 Infinity Q45 that I love. It is comfortable, powerful, quiet and smooth. It has 55,000 miles and has been treated kindly. A good friend is a Nisson Master Mechanic and he watches over my car carefully. It has been very reliable with the exception of the exhaust manifold on the left side has been replaced three times and the right side once. Always on warranty. Well the left side is leaking again and it was repaired on 3/31/08, so both the facory and the repair warranty have expired. Infiniti wants me to pay $150.00 for a useless diagnosis, and then they “will decide what their action will be”. I say that is wrong and that this is clearly a case of a defective part and not my responsibility. I want to keep my car but I don’t want to replace an exhaust manifold every year or two. HELP

Did you buy this new? If so, you might have a recourse through lemon law, but the age may make it a moot point.

This Bud’s on YOU, and the next one and the next one…If they wanted to warranty the car forever, that’s what they would have done…But they didn’t…

The problem may not be a generic defect. I owned a 2002 Q45 for years, with 120,000 miles on it when I sold it. I never had a problem like that. What would damage an exhaust system? Some guesses: water leaking onto it; overheating left cylinder due to lean mixture; plugged catalytic converter; mechanical damage due to undetected movement of the exhaust system. Is it leaking in the middle? at the end? which end?
I think some detective work may forestall further problems.

The implication of an exhaust leak is carbon monoxide venting thus this could be a safety issue so you can push for a “goodwill” repair. They may say NO, but that’s all they can say.

Otherwise take it to your M.M. friend for the necessary repairs.